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Defend Dewley Hill

Banks Group want to remove 800,000 tonnes of coal and 400,000 tonnes of fireclay from 112 hectares at Dewley Hill, which sits to the North of the A69 near Throckley, on the Newcastle/ Northumberland border. Recently signs have been erected in the area which saying…

Coal mining in the Pont Valley to end August 2020

Campaign to Protect Pont Valley and other local people are delighted that Banks plans to further exploit the Pont Valley were dashed. On the 1st July Durham County Council planning committee voted to reject Banks Group’s controversial proposal for ‘West Bradley’ an extension to the…

No additional coal extraction in the Pont Valley!!!

PRESS RELEASE Controversial opencast coal mine rejected: campaigners celebrate

Video: Prof. Paul Ekins: New U.K. coal mines do not ‘save’ CO2

Two mining companies are trying to greenwash their new plans for coal mines in the U.K

Update: Coal planning hearings

We’ve had some good news and some news News The extension proposed by Banks Group to the existing mine in the Pont Valley will be heard by the first remote planning hearing by Durham County Council on Wednesday 1st July at 9.30am. It is the…

State harassment of indigenous activists in Colombia

Coal and Covid-19 activism draws hostility from institutions meant to protect indigenous leaders

Object to a new 50-year coking coal mine in Cumbria

There’s another chance to stop this mega-polluter from producing coal until 2070.

Woodhouse Colliery: the facts

If approved the mine would produce 2.78 million tonnes of coking coal a year for fifty years

Coal round-up June 2020

Decisions on coal mines still pending despite reduced coal demand & power station closures

UCL Economist Prof Paul Ekins O.B.E refutes coal company greenwash

Prof Paul Ekins O.B.E, a leading resource economist and policy advisor, explains why coal companies are talking “economic nonsense”

Pickets against coal mining in Kuzbass

Today, March 13, Ecodefense and Fridays for Future hold a protest rally in Novokuznetsk against coal mining

These stories. Us people. Solidarity.

The exhibition brings together experiences of communities from Russia, Colombia, County Durham and South Wales as they live alongside, and take on, the opencast coal industry.

6 reasons why “UK coal is climate-friendly” is a load of “goaf”

Dodgy economics, unburnable carbon, methane emissions and more… (And we explain what ‘goafing’ is, too)

Coal round-up February 2020

Where is coal being extracted, burned or sought right now, and who is behind it?

Where does Banks coal go?

We have been tracking Banks Groups’ coal trains to coal-fired power stations.

Protect Pont Valley: Community Update

What do you do when your local coal company sends you a glossy brochure of lies in the post?

Object to Banks proposed expansion of the Bradley opencast

Banks Group want to expand the Bradley Opencast coal mine in the Pont Valley.

Banks Group in High Court, amid wildlife allegations

The High Court has upheld the claim that there is an environmental case against Banks Group

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