Protect Pont Valley: Community Update

What do you do when your local coal company sends you a glossy brochure of lies in the post?

Feed it to the dog? Burn it?

Or make your own alternative brochure!

Residents near to the Bradley opencast coal mine were fed up with Banks Groups’ PR leaflets full of misinformation only telling the company’s side of the story about the opencast. So Campaign to Protect Pont Valley and Coal Action Network teamed up to write and distribute a different version around the neighbouring houses.

Can you spot the difference?

(Clue: ours tells the truth about what residents experience from opencast coal-mining, and about the lack of need for Banks’ coal).

High Stables residents (nearest to the mine) don’t even receive Banks’ leaflets any more!

So someone’s got to keep everyone informed…

You can still object to Banks’ plan for West Bradley here.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”ProtectPontValley_CommunityUpdate_Jan2020″]

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