What we do

Coal Action Network works for an end to coal use in power generation and steel production; coal extraction and coal imports in the UK, and for justice for communities affected by the UK's current and historical involvement with coal.

We do so by working in solidarity with communities on the front-lines of coal-extraction in the UK and in countries where coal is mined for consumptionhere, or where it is supported by the UK's financial institutions. We offer support in terms of campaign strategy, communications, building networks, fundraising, research, organising events, mobilising grassroots campaigns and supporting legal challenges to coal companies.

More broadly, we seek to amplify and strengthen the networks and capacity of front-line communities against extractivism and environmental racism, towards direct democracy and for just transition.


CAN's Vision is for a world without resource extraction where it is in conflict with people and ecosystems: a world without extractive-driven models of growth and consumption.

We envision decolonised global energy systems, guided by decision-making at a local level with a global conscience, where communities have been able to determine their own future beyond mining.

We believe that interconnected grassroots movements are able to build power together to transform the way we share this planet and its resources.


CAN exists for a just end to all large-scale coal extraction and an end to the consumption of coal in the UK including for steel and industry. We support struggles against coal extraction internationally where mining is enabled by either the UK's imports or its institutions, such as the city of London.

We work to support communities which are seeking reparations for the impacts of UK enabled coal mining, in an attempt to address a small part of the legacy of ongoing colonial and capitalist exploitation left by large-scale coal extraction.

We work to build power with local & global communities on the front lines of coal extraction and to centre them in our work.


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