Insure Climate Justice Demands

We need a just transition and ensure energy access for all. For this to happen, those who currently hold the power must act to keep fossil fuels in the ground and support just climate solutions. We’re demanding the following:

1. An immediate phase out of the insurance of ‘all’ coal (including coking coal) and fossil fuels.

2. A stop to insurers supporting and profiting from fossil fuel extraction, and new infrastructure like roads and airports. The insurance industry must stop investing in and insuring these projects.

Transnational corporations profit from health and housing inequality in the UK, and also from coal, oil and gas extraction, mining, biofuel plantations and industrial agriculture abroad. The City of London’s financial sector all continue to bankroll and insure the corporations sucking our planet dry, harming people and nature.

Without corporate accountability and transparency we are in a race to the bottom on workers’ rights and climate, environmental and social standards.

3. Payment of climate reparations for the harms they drive around the world by insurance companies that have profited, and continue to profit, from causing climate chaos.

Climate reparations are a way to work towards guaranteeing thriving communities both in the global north and the global south.

It’s time to make climate polluters pay reparations for the care, regeneration & repair that our planet, our children and our communities deserve. It also means transforming the financial industry and corporations - bringing them under democratic accountable control - so we can ensure well-being and sustainability for all people and ecosystems.

4. We need a financial transaction Tax to pay for loss and damages caused by climate chaos and good, green jobs through a Global Green New Deal.

Especially for workers transitioning from high carbon industries and projects and those hit the hardest by climate impacts, Covid-19, and precarity.

5. The democratisation of the insurance industry to force a just transition for all.

We need to invest in win-win infrastructure solutions for communities.  For example, investing in good, green and community-owned housing can foster more equity, create retrofitting jobs, improve health, reduce energy poverty or insecurity, and reduce emissions all at once.

Public electric transport could foster more interconnected neighbourhoods and address the fact that poor and Black people are disproportionately exposed to air pollution. Repairing our connection with land and promoting sustainable, localised and healthy food can improve health, lower pollution, and foster biodiversity. Supporting and investing in low-carbon sectors, especially in health and social care, could ensure we recentre intergenerational well-being in our society and learn from Covid-19 to prioritise people over profit.

We need new rules that bring corporations and financiers into democratic control so that we can, together, prioritise care, regeneration and repair over profit and pollution.


Insurance Scorecard

Insure Our Futures Scorecard shows which insurance companies are taking action on fossil fuels and climate change. It focuses on 30 leading primary insurers and reinsurers, assessing and scoring their policies on insuring and investing in coal, oil, gas, and other aspects of climate (in)action….


AIG is a major insurance provider to fossil fuel companies, and has billions invested in the industry. AIG is the largest coal insurer outside of China, and one of the few still able and willing to underwrite new, multi-billion-dollar coal projects. The company is also…

Lloyd’s of London

Lloyd’s provides insurance and reinsurance that supports and enables some of the world’s worst fossil fuel projects including coal mines, tar sands pipelines, and new oil & gas exploration. Their business plans are incompatible with keeping climate change under 1.5°C. In total, Lloyds insures 40%…


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