A selection of information resources created by or contributed to by Coal Action Network and/or partner organisations

A guide for campaigners looking for answers to some of the harder questions relating to the proposed West Cumbria coking coal mine.

This guide acts as a reminder for those who have read Q&A proposed West Cumbria coal mine questions and can be printed at home and taken on stalls and actions.


Coal mine restoration in South Wales

Coal Mine Restoration in South Wales report presents fresh research and analysis on the controversies, broken promises, and present-day liabilities surrounding the restoration of seven opencast coal mines in South Wales

This report is also available in sections by each coal mine.

Journey of a UK coal mine application: a guide

This is a step-by-step illustrated guide as to how a company gets the legal stuff they need in place before they can start a new coal mine, or extend an existing one. The information herein is a very simplified outline of the main steps to, a much deeper reading... Read more

Coal in Steel: Problems and solutions

Coal in steel provides background information to campaigns against proposed new coking coal mines and considering how coal needs to be phased out of steel production.

Download report in PDF

A single page pdf summary of the report can also be downloaded here.

West Cumbrian coal: the hot investment (parody)

Welcome to EMR Capital Resources Fund 1, LP., a private equity management firm based in a Cayman Islands tax haven. We might sound less local than ‘West Cumbria Mining Ltd’, but we are the company calling the shots...

Download in PDF and email daniel(at) for printed copies to distribute locally (limited quantities available)

Our book highlights the colonial entanglements of coal and warns of false green solutions – relying on hydrogen for ‘green steel’, for instance, and on renewables for ‘clean electricity’ – that don’t challenge colonialism, capitalism, and the state.It centres the voices of affected communities and warns of ‘false green solutions’.

A report by the Still Burning Network of which Coal Action Network is a part. There are also films available in multiple languages.

Download a PDF of the report

Slow Death in Siberia

How Europe's coal dependency is devastating Russia's forests and indigenous Shor people.

At the heart of the report are testimonies of the indigenous Shors, a Turkic people, whose survival and beliefs are intimately tied to the nature around them which is being devestated by coal mining. Almost 40% of the coal from the Kusbass region in Siberia is bound for the UK and European Union

A report by Coal Action Network and FERN.

Read the report (also available in Russian)

Ditch Coal

The global mining impacts of the UK's addiction to coal

This report aims to “follow the coal” in order to expose the impacts of the coal burned in UK power stations. CAN concludes that regardless of where coal is sourced from, the negative impacts of its extraction on communities and their environment heavily supports the argument that the UK must choose a swift and total phase out of coal now.

Read the report
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