Video: Prof. Paul Ekins: New U.K. coal mines do not ‘save’ CO2

Two mining companies, Banks Group and West Cumbria Mining, are trying to start coal mines based on the idea that digging up coal locally is better for the climate, because otherwise it would come from abroad.

Leading resource enconomist, Professor Paul Ekins O.B.E., UCL Institute of Sustainable Resources, explains why this is’ economic nonsense’, and how digging up more coal adds to greenhouse gas emissions, no matter where it comes from.

Read Profesor Ekin’s full objection to Banks Group’s proposal for West Bradley opencast coal mine.

The video footage shows the current opencast coal extraction at Bradley, Pont Valley, County Durham. The company want to extend the operation to mine 90,000 tonnes more coal based on their incorrect claim that mining local coal saves greenhouse gas emissions.

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