AIG is a major insurance provider to fossil fuel companies, and has billions invested in the industry. AIG is the largest coal insurer outside of China, and one of the few still able and willing to underwrite new, multi-billion-dollar coal projects. The company is also among the top three insurers of oil and gas projects. While at least 37 insurers have limited or ended coal underwriting, AIG stands out as a global laggard with no restrictions on insurance for the coal sector. AIG has also failed to rule out insurance support for destructive fossil fuel expansion projects, including the Adani Carmichael coal mine and the Trans Mountain tar sands oil pipeline.


Insure Climate Justice Demands

We need a just transition and ensure energy access for all. For this to happen, those who currently hold the power must act to keep fossil fuels in the ground and support just climate solutions. We’re demanding the following: 1. An immediate phase out of…

Adani Coal Mine

People across Australia have been fighting for 10 years to stop one of the most devastating mining projects currently being planned on the globe. The Adani coal mine, if it goes ahead, will open up the Galilee basin – one of the biggest untouched coal…


AIG’s climate commitments are a major step forward for US insurance industry’s exit from fossil fuels

“As one of the last major insurers without restrictions on coal insurance, AIG’s new commitments to reduce underwriting for coal, tar sands oil, and Arctic oil and gas are a major step forward for people and the planet,”


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