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Petition: Stop the Cumbria Coal Mine!

Cumbria County Council is set to approve a new coal mine which would last until 2049: SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP THE MINE

COVID-19 Solidarity with indigenous communities in Colombia. Goal reached!

Coal Action Network & supporters raised funds for the the Wayuu communities of La Guajira, Northern Colombia, who urgently needed our solidarity to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

Support legal battles to stop coal

We are helping to fight two legal battles, one against the government for allowing the opencast to go ahead and the other against Banks itself for destroying the breeding grounds of a protected species.

Object to West Bradley. Update: Campaign won!

Update: This campaign stopped Banks Group from expanding the Bradley Opencast coal mine in the Pont Valley. Thank you to everyone who participated

Object to Dewley Hill. Update: Campaign won!

We won! thanks to everyone who brought this about.
Banks Group want to remove 800,000 tonnes of coal and 400,000 tonnes of fireclay from 112 hectares at Dewley Hill, which sits to the North of the A69 near Throckley, on the Newcastle/ Northumberland border. Local campaign group, Defend Dewley Hill is working against this application.

Object to the giant Cumbrian coal mine

West Cumbria Mining want to dig an underground coking coal mine (coal for steel) under the sea near to Whitehaven, Cumbria. If approved the mine would produce 2.78 million tonnes of coal per year for fifty years, mainly for export to European steel works.

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