Energy Bill - cut out coal!

The journey so far...

FIRST... Coal mining ban proposed by House of Lords

With a margin of 3 votes (197 for vs 194 against) in the House of Lords on 17th April 2023, Lord Teverson amended the Energy Bill to include a new clause on the 'prohibition of new coal mines' (a ban on the Coal Authority licencing any new coal mining in the UK). This wouldn't stop any coal mines already licenced, and would only apply 6 months after the bill had been passed - but it would cut off the pipeline of new coal mine applications. Just one Conservative Lord voted for this amendment - Lord Deben, Chairman of the UK's independent Committee on Climate Change.

Lord Teverson referred to the Whitehaven coal mine, approved in December 2022, when proposing the amendment, saying "If that happens once, it can happen again - that is why this amendment is so important," he said. He had previously believed a ban was not necessary because it was "totally and absolutely obvious" that building a new coal mine "would be a really stupid thing for a country to do".

THEN... Coal mining ban stripped out by UK Government

Back in the House of Commons, the UK Government Ministers stripped out the amendment banning new coal mines at the Committee-stage, before the revised Energy Bill could be debated and voted on in the House of Commons. MP Caroline Lucas said the Government's approach was "well and truly stuck in the last century...after endlessly repeating the importance of no new coal at COP26, its words have proved to be meaningless". Shadow energy secretary Ed Miliband had said Labour would back the ban.

Opposing the amendment, minister Lord Callanan said the government was committed to phasing out coal but argued that an outright ban could cause a "severe weakening of our security of supply".

NOW... Coal mining ban re-proposed by MPs Chris Skidmore & Wera Hobhouse

In the report stage, Conservative MP Chris Skidmore and Libdem MP Wera Hobhouse have attempted to re-introduce the coal mine ban by tabling similar wording as Lord Teverson's amendment to be put back into the Energy Bill (clause N2). MP Chris Skidmore also seeks to strengthen the UK Government's earler commitment to phase out coal being used to generate energy by tabling another clause (N3) - a prohibition of energy production from coal by 1 January 2025. This would change put the UK Government's policy commitment into legally-binding legislation, making it much harder for this or successive Governments to back-track on that commitment.

What needs to go into the Energy Bill

Amongst other important ammendments, the wording of the two amendments your MP needs to support are:

NC2 Tabled by: Chris Skidmore & Wera Hobhouse
To move the following Clause—“Prohibition of new coal mines
(1) Within six months of the day on which this Act is passed, the Secretary of State must by regulations prohibit the opening of new coal mines and the licensing of new coal mines by the Coal Authority or its successors.
(2) Regulations under this section are subject to the affirmative procedure.”

NC3 Tabled by: Chris Skidmore

To move the following Clause—“Prohibition of energy production from coal
(1) The Secretary of State must by regulations provide for the UK to cease energy production from coal from 1 January 2025.
(2) Regulations under this section may amend primary legislation (including this Act).”

Take action

The report stage for the Energy Bill is currently scheduled for Tue 5th September 2023, the day after the House of Commons returns from summer recess, at which point MPs will debate the various amendments tabled to the Energy Bill. The amendment will almost certainly be debated, however there’s no guarantee that it will be pushed to a vote – this depends on a range of different factors, including MPs’ priorities and whether the amendment is selected by the Speaker for a vote.

THE ASK: write to your MP, asking them to speak in favour of amendment NC2 and NC3 during the debate, and to vote for it, if it is "pushed to a division".

Senior Conservative Minister already admitted need for reform

We are now able to reveal correspondence between Welsh Minister for Climate Change, MS Julie James, and then UK Government Minister Minister of State for Energy, Clean Growth
and Climate Change, MP Greg Hands. In a letter dated 07 January 2022, Minister Greg Hands states:

"I do agree that the Coal Authority’s statutory duty to promote an economically viable coal industry, as set out in the Coal Industry Act 1994, is at odds with our climate leadership ambitions and policies on coal so we are looking at measures to review that duty. I understand our officials have agreed to meet to share our thinking on a future licencing regime that reflects our different administrations net zero and climate change goals."

The amendment(s) proposed by MP Chris Skidmore (and Wera Hobhouse) would achieve what Greg Hands admits is necessary to meet the Government's climate commitments. So why did the UK Government remove Lord Teverson's amendment to achieve the same? What has the UK Goverment done to change the "future licencing regime"?

Senior Welsh Labour Minister agrees on need for reform

Welsh Labour Minister for Climate Change in the Welsh Government Julie James wrote to then Secretary of State Department of Business, Energy & industrial Strategy Kwasi Kwarteng in the UK Government on 26 October 2021, stating:

"...we consider the statutory duty of the Coal Authority to develop and maintain a viable coal extraction industry must be removed if we are to achieve our policy ambitions." adding "I seek to understand how the [Coal Industry] Act will be amended to reflect the need for the Coal Authority to consider climate policy in its decisions". Julie James is looking for reform rather than dissolving the Coal Authority, saying "....the Coal Authority has an important role to play in rapidly winding down remaining mining operations and delivering long-term environmental protection. In doing so, the Coal Authority has an important role in ensuring those communities affected by the legacy of coal mining receive a just transition."

Welsh Labour clearly indicate the need to reform the Coal Authority in a way that would stop new coal mine applications being licenced and support existing operations winding down, with a just transition for workers involved.


The need for law change: This year, Coal Action Network took the Coal Authority to the Cardiff Courts in a judicial review challenging the Coal Authority's insistence that it cannot consider matters such as climate change in determining whether to award a coal mining licence. The judge agreed with the Coal Authority, which confirms that legislative reform of the Coal Authority is needed to bring its licencing function in line with climate commitments - such as that proposed in amendment NC2 to the Energy Bill.

Time's running out: Since senior UK and Welsh Government Ministers admitted the need to cut off the pipeline of new coal mining applications, both the UK and the planet experienced its hottest ever days (2022 & 2023), June 2023 was the UK's hottest ever, and July 2023 was confirmed the hottest month worldwide since records began, and this year the world has been rocked by wild-fires, flooding, and storms. So the sense of urgency to ban coal mining and use has become even stronger.

Security of supply concerns: Alongside increasing this escalating urgency, TATA Port Talbot steelworks announcing it will imminently transition to recycling steel or else face closure, and British Steel reporting it will close its coke ovens. A credible home insulation plan would remove any energy security issues for keeping warm this - and future - winters, rather than spending more of my tax money propping up dirty coal power stations again. These are the only significant consumers of coal remaining in the UK so there is no energy security case to be made for continuing to mine coal in the UK.

Published: 18.08.2023 Updated: 22.08.2023

Campaigns on UK coal mines

UK & global coal mining & use

Object to the application to expand the Glan Lash opencast coal mine

Take action!

Completing our contact form sends your message to all 20 Councillors on the Carmarthenshire Planning Committee, Council, and us.

Will Councillors reject the application to expand and extend the Glan Lash opencast coal mine, learning from the huge challenges that Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council is having with the illegal Ffos-y-fran opencast coal mine?

Put into your own words why you want Carmarthenshire Planning Committee to reject the application - here's some points you might choose to include:

  • The coal operator claims they'll supply some of the coal to 'non-burn' uses like brick colourant...but that's dictated by market conditions that are changeable, and as soon as planning permission is granted, the coal operator is free to supply to whoever pays the most for this coal.
  • The coal operator claims the coal is needed for steelworks but the biggest steelworks in the UK needs to rapidly cut coal out of its production.
  • It goes against the Welsh Government's various climate commitments and policies against continued coal extraction.
  • Some key statistics on the coal mine expansion application.

Email your Planning Committee Councillors!

Fields marked with * are required

Why do you want Councillors to reject the Glan Lash extension?
Incl. your postcode if you're from Carmarthenshire, it gives your email more weight!

Cymerwch weithred!

Wrth gwbhau ein ffurflen cyswllt mae eich neges yn cael ei anfon i bob un o’r 20 Cynghorydd ar y Pwyllgor Cynllunio Sir Gâr, Cyngor, a ni.

Bydd y Cynghoryddion yn gwrthod y gais i ddatblygu ac ymestyn y pwll glo cast agored Glan Lash, dysgu o’r sialensau anferth mae Cyngor Bro Sir Merthyr Tydfil yn cael gyda’r pwll glo cast agored anghyfreithlon Ffos-y-Fran?

Rhowch yng ngheiriau eich hyn pam yr ydych chi eisiau i Pwyllgor Cynllunio Sir Gâr i wrthod y gais - dyma rhai pwyntiau gallwch ddewis i gynnwys:

  • Mae’r gweithredydd glo yn dweud bydde nhw’n cyflenwi rhai o’r glo i ddefnyddwyr ‘dim-llosg’ fel lliwydd bric…ond mae hynnu’n cael ei arddweud gan cyflwr marchnad sydd yn gally newid, ac mor gynted a mae caniatâd cynllunio yn cael ei rhoi, mae’r gweithredydd glo gyda’r hawl i gyflenwi pwy bynnag sydd yn rhoi y mwyaf o arian am y glo yma.
  • Mae’r gweithredydd glo yn dweud bod y glo yn angenrheidiol ar gyfer gwaith dur ond mae’r gwaith dur mwyaf yn y DU angen torri glo allan o’i cynyrch yn gyflym.
  • Mae’n mynd yn erbyn ymrwymiadau hinsawdd a polisiau yn erbyn echdynnu glo parheus Llywodraeth Cymru.
  • Mae rhai ysyadegau allweddol ar y gais i ddatblygiad y pwll glo.

E-bostwch aelodau o’r Pwyllgor Cynllunio!

Mae meysydd wedi’i marcio â * yn ofynnol

Pan ydych chi eisiau Cyngorwyr i wrthod yr estyniad i Glan Lash?
Cynnwys eich côd os ydych o Sir Gâr, mae’n rhoi mwy o bwysau i’ch e-bost!
Published: 03/08/2023

The IPCC AR6 Report

What do you do when "our world needs climate action on all fronts - everything, everywhere, all at once"…?

In March, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the body of the world's leading climate scientists, released the last instalment of their sixth assessment report (AR6). This delivered a "final warning" – the comprehensive review of the climate crisis took hundreds of scientists eight years to compile and runs to thousands of pages, but boiled down to one message: act now, or it will be too late.

Yet, according to the report, we still have hope of staying within 1.5°C. Hoesung Lee, the chair of the IPCC, said: “This synthesis report underscores the urgency of taking more ambitious action and shows that, if we act now, we can still secure a livable sustainable future for all.”

FIVE ACTIONS you can take TODAY based on the report's findings

Together, as part of this global movement, we need to keep the pressure on the governments, financiers, insurers, and fossil fuel companies that are pushing us deeper into climate crisis, putting profits above people and our planet. We've compiled five actions you can take with us, based on the report's findings and recommendations.

"No New Coal"

According to the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, “no new coal and the phasing out of coal by 2030 in OECD countries” is step #1 to accelerate climate action.

Yet Wales is about to decide whether to expand the UK's biggest opencast coal mine, by four years and 2 million tonnes of coal. Sign our petition to call on the Welsh Government to stop this from going ahead:

"Partial pledges won't cut it"

The reports states there will be dire consequences if countries scrap carbon pledges. That’s exactly what the Whitehaven coal mine would do, which was approved by the UK government last December. 

It's still possible to stop the mine, and our friends at South Lakes Action on Climate Change want to do – but we need your help. Donate to help them mount a Judicial Review against Whitehaven coal mine in Cumbria:

"End all international public and private funding of coal"

Guterres points to the backers of fossil fuel companies. Adani’s Carmichael coal mine can only be financed because Lloyd's of London syndicate Probitas 1492 insures it. No insurance = no coal mine.

Sign up to tell Probitas staff to drop this project:

"Cease all licensing or funding for new oil & gas"

Insurers listen up: oil&gas shouldn’t be funded or licensed…so don’t insure it! Set to be the world’s biggest heated oil pipeline, EACOP must be stopped.

Take regular action emailing insurance staff to warn them not to insure EACOP:

"It will take a quantum leap in climate action"

As we said, the report isn't without hope: “as it shows, the 1.5-degree limit is achievable. But it will take a quantum leap in climate action.”

If you want to get inspired, we recommend watching FINITE: The Climate of Change, an award-winning feature documentary about people standing up against the fossil fuel industry. Check out their Twitter for details of any upcoming screenings: Or you can watch FINITE online now via WOWFilm. Only available for 200 views, over half have gone already, so make sure not to miss it! The price is “pay what you feel. If you can, please donate so they can keep making films.


Thousands tell Probitas: Break up with Adani

A Valentines surprise from the #StopAdani movement

Today we delivered Coedie's message and thousands others from around the world in the form of 6ft tall talking valentines cards, to all three of Probitas 1492's UK offices: Lloyds of London, Lime Street (London), and Manchester.

We want to make sure they can't ignore indigenous communities, and people all over the planet who will be impacted by this climate bomb. Check out some pictures from our action, your messages, and how to get involved in keeping the pressure on Probitas.

Will you ramp up the pressure on Probitas?

We need to show Probitas that the global movement against Adani won’t let them get away with their involvement. Will you join us and ramp up the pressure we’re placing on them?

We're asking our supporters to sign up to take regular action, emailing staff at Probitas over their companies role in enabling this carbon bomb. We'll be sending you new contact details at every few days – no two people will be receiving the same staff to contact. This tactic means that together we can contact more staff, and be as effective as possible in turning up the heat. Let's convince them to stop insuring climate breakdown.

As always, we'll be providing you with example emails to use & help along the way.

💥 Fill in this form to sign up & start contacting Probitas staff straight away!

When we’ve taken action together, the #StopAdani movement has won against insurers and brokers again and again - now the industry knows it's one of the most controversial projects in the world. We need to make sure this climate-wrecking project has nowhere left to go.

Let’s make sure Probitas knows what it’s getting into: send your message today.

Twitter-Storm against Cumbria coking coal mine

Deiseb: Llywodraeth Cymru Peidiwch ag ehangu pwll glo brig mwyaf y DU

See our English language version of this webpage.

Mae Cymru ar fin penderfynu a ddylid ehangu pwll glo brig mwyaf y DU gan bron i 4 blynedd a 2 filiwn tunnell o lo. Bydd hyn yn gyrru newid hinsawdd gan bron i 6 miliwn tunnell o CO2 a 16,000 tunnell o fethan.

Mae pwll glo Ffos-y-fran ym Merthyr Tudful sy’n chwalu’r hinsawdd yn echdynnu hyd at 50,000 tunnell o lo bob mis – sef glo y dyfarnodd Llys Cyfiawnder Ewrop ei fod yn creu gormod o lygredd i’w losgi yn hen orsaf bŵer Aberddawan, ac sydd bellach yn cael ei losgi’n bennaf mewn gwaith dur. Mae hyn yn rhwymo gwaith dur TATA i fod yr 2il safle mwyaf llygredig yn y DU!

Sign the petition now

Digon yw digon!

Mae deisebwyr yn mynnu bod Llywodraeth Cymru:

  1. yn cymryd drosodd y cyfrifoldeb am benderfynu, os bydd y Cyngor lleol yn ystyried rhoi caniatâd cynllunio i ehangu pwll glo brig Ffos-y-fran.
  2. yn gweithredu ar wyddoniaeth hinsawdd, yn gwrando ar drigolion lleol, ac yn dilyn ei chyfreithiau a’i pholisïau ei hun megis Deddf Llesiant Cenedlaethau’r Dyfodol.
  3. yn gwrthod yn gyflym ehangu pwll glo brig mwyaf y DU, yn cynnwys cynllun peilot Incwm Sylfaenol Cyffredinol y gweithwyr, ac yn buddsoddi mewn swyddi sydd â dyfodol.

Pam mae hyn yn bwysig?

Pan roddwyd caniatâd gan Lywodraeth Cymru yn 2005, cafodd y gymuned leol ym Merthyr Tudful, a oedd wedi brwydro’n ffyrnig yn erbyn y cynnig, addewid y byddai mwyngloddio’n dod i ben ar ôl 15 mlynedd, ar 6ed Medi 2022 ac y byddai’r gwaith o adfer y tir wedi’i gwblhau ychydig flynyddoedd yn ddiweddarach. Ond adroddir nad yw mwyngloddio glo wedi dod i ben, gan ddifetha’r heddwch hir-ddisgwyliedig i’r gymuned leol sy’n gallu gweld a chlywed y pwll glo o’u cartrefi. Ac yn awr mae'r cwmni mwyngloddio wedi gwneud cais i ehangu'r pwll glo am 9 mis, ac wedi dweud y bydd yn ceisio am 3 blynedd arall o gloddio am lo, (a phwy a ŵyr beth y tu hwnt i hynny...?).

Bydd hyn nid yn unig yn hybu newid yn yr hinsawdd gan bron i 6 miliwn tunnell o CO2 a 16,000 tunnell o fethan, ond hefyd yn achosi dioddefaint i’r trigolion cyfagos trwy’r ffrwydradau pellach, llygredd sŵn a llwch. Ar ben hyn, bydd y gwaith adfer hir-ddisgwyliedig ar y tir yn cael ei wthio yn ôl gan flynyddoedd, gyda phryderon na fydd byth yn digwydd.

Sut y cyflwynir y ddeiseb

Bydd y ddeiseb hon yn cael ei chyflwyno i Julie James, Gweinidog Newid Hinsawdd Cymru.

Sign the petition now

Published: 23/11/22

Sign this petition to stop the expansion of UK’s biggest opencast coal mine

See our Welsh language version of this webpage.

Wales is about to decide whether to expand the UK’s largest opencast coal mine by nearly 4 years, emitting almost 6 million tonnes of CO2, and 16,000 tonnes of methane from the coal mine itself.

The climate-trashing Ffos-y-fran coal mine in Merthyr Tydfil extracts up to 50,000 tonnes of coal every month – coal that the European Court of Justice ruled was too polluting to be burned in the old Aberthaw power station, and is now burned mainly at steelworks. This locks TATA steelworks into being the UK’s 2nd most polluting site!

Sign the petition now

Enough is enough!

We demand that the Welsh Government:

  1. calls in the decision if the local Council considers granting planning permission to expand the Ffos-y-fran opencast coal mine.
  2. acts on climate science, listens to local residents, and follows its own laws and policies such as the Future Generations Act.
  3. swiftly rejects expanding the UK’s largest opencast coal mine, includes workersa Universal Basic Income pilot, and invests in jobs with a future.

When permission was granted by the Welsh Government in 2005, the local community in Merthyr Tydfil, who had fought the proposal fiercely, were promised that mining would end after 15 years, in September 2022 and that restoration of the land would be complete by the end of the following year. Yet it’s reported that coal mining hasn’t stopped, ruining the long-awaited peace for the local community who can see and hear the coal mine from their homes. And now the mining company has applied to expand the coal mine by 9 months, and has said it will for a further 3 years of coal mining, (and who knows what beyond that...?).

This will not only fuel climate change by almost 6 million tonnes of CO2, but inflict explosive further blasting, noise and dust pollution on nearby residents. On top of this, the long-awaited restoration of the land, will be pushed back by years, with concerns that it will never happen.

Sign the petition now

Published: 21/11/22

ACTION: British Science Museum's dirty coal money

The Adani Group wants to expand its coal operations by 800%. In Australia, they’re opening up one of the biggest untouched coal reserves on the planet, while expanding coal production in India and beyond. From Indonesia to Australia to India, Adani is under fire for land grabs and disregarding Indigenous rights. Sadly, this is the British Science Museum's new sponsor of the ‘Energy Revolution’ Gallery!

Leaders from indigenous communities in Australia, India and Indonesia, wrote to the museum to warn them that it's agreement with Adani is legitimising its “destructive coal expansion activities” and that “Indigenous communities in all these countries are experiencing land-grabs, repression, the destruction of sacred lands, pollution of air, land and water...”

In support of their letter, people gathered on the doorstep of the museum, with an advertising van playing a video message from the land defenders resisting Adani. Together with other groups, we are demanding the British Science Museum #DropAdani as a sponsor.

🗣 Add your voice by writing to the Science Museum now. Help us to convince them to drop Adani as a sponsor.

We heard leaders from the Hasdeo Forest under threat from Adani’s coal mining for a decade, Adivasi people who marched 300km to save their lands from an Adani coal mine in Chhattisgarh, Borneo on the doorstep of the massive Adani coal mine on Bunyu island, and Wangan and Jagalingou still fighting Adani’s destruction of their sacred territory.

👀 Want to hear their stories? Watch their film.

The man behind this all is Gautam Adani, the billionaire chairman and founder of the Adani Group. With a net worth estimated at US $74 billion, he is considered the second-richest man in India. One of our partners for the action, South Asia Solidarity Group have written about his rise to power and links with Narendra Modi:

"Narendra Modi became Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001 using divisive Hindu nationalist rhetoric and a promise of modernity and development through neoliberal economic planning, working side by side with Gautam Adani and other powerful corporates. This period is marked, inevitably, by the State weakening labour power, fuelling xenophobia, fascism and violence, and exponentially rising inequality."

It’s abundantly clear, there’s no room for expansion of the fossil fuel industry. Over the last year with your support we have managed to convince insurers to no longer underwrite Adani's Australian mega mine. However, Adani is still looking to expand his corporate empire and is in desperate need of private finance. Sponsorship, one of the ways to clean the Adani brand and attract new finance and insurance.

ACTION: #StopAdani on Social Media Pile On

Adani's mines are supported by the UK's finance industry - providing insurance and funding for it's devastating coal mines in Australia, India and beyond. For the past year, Coal Action Network has supported calls for Lloyd's of London to stop insuring Adani. While many companies have pulled out, Lloyd's continue to refuse to rule out underwriting the Adani mine.

🗣 Can you to join us on Twitter and Facebook, to take on the institutions enabling climate breakdown?

Across India, Adani is facing intense opposition for its 800% coal expansion, land grabs, and pollution, including from the Indian tribal Adivasi people who are resisting coal projects which threaten ancestral lands in the Hasdeo forests.

Now, Adani is looking to greenwash its name through sponsorship of a new ‘Energy Revolution’ Gallery at the British Science Museum. This is a blatant attempt to trick the British public and gain further support from bankers and insurance executive. Adani is looking to expand its corporate empire and is in desperate need of private finance to do so. We can all be part of cutting that off.

We're looking for people to join us on Twitter and Facebook to combat the lies and demand UK institutions help #StopAdani instead of enabling climate breakdown. Across the world, people are standing up to Adani and their backers. By signing up, you'll get text messages from us with more information on how you can get involved with on social media.

🗣 Sign up now to receive regular text messages on how to get involved on social media

Google Review Swarm - Stop Adani

Purpose of the action:

This action has two purposes. Firstly, it's about reaching people we wouldn't normally, informing them about the role insurers are playing in the climate-destroying Adani coal mine. Secondly, it's about delivering a blow to the public image of these companies by bringing their star ratings crashing down.

How to add a Google review:

In order to review somewhere on Google, you will need a Google account. It’s free and easy; Google has a support page on how to do so here, but get in touch if you’d like some extra help. 

  • Make sure you’re signed into your Google account before you leave your review.
  • Following one of the links on our location list at the bottom of this page will take you directly to one of the offices we’re targeting. There will be a panel on the left hand side that tells you information about the building, such as its opening hours, contact info, and photos. If you scroll down this, you will find the review summary.

  • From here, you simply click ‘Write a review’ and get going!
  • You can add a star rating to the location, as well as a text review. If you want, you can also add an image to your review to help it stand out
  • Tell each of these companies how you feel about them continuing to insure the climate-destroying Adani coal project. Members of the public can see this, so this is a great opportunity to spread the word, educate, and inform other people.  
  • Keep it personal - what are your thoughts and opinions, why do you think these companies should rule out underwriting the Adani coal mine. 
  • Remember, you can only review each location on Google once!
How to add a Google review:

Once you’ve finished your Google reviews, amplify them by sharing them - with friends, family, us, or on social media. 

  • You can share your own review, and like and share other people’s reviews using these buttons at the bottom of reviews. The more people who like and share these reviews, the more people will see them.


Our main target for this action is the Lloyd's of London in London. It currently has a a 4.6 star rating, and 553 review - bringing this rating down isn't going to be easy. If you're going to only review one place - make it this one. If we all work together, we'll be able to see that rating start to get lower and lower.

As you can only add one review per location on Google, we've made a short list of other targets. Done with these and want to keep going? Find your own targets by going on different websites insurers who haven't ruled out underwriting Adani. Here, they'll list their offices in other cities.

Google location
Current rating
Lloyd’s of London London 4.6 stars (553 reviews)
Lloyd’s of London Australia 2.0 stars (4 reviews)
Hamilton London 3.4 stars (5 reviews)
Hamilton Bermuda 1.0 starts (1 review) 
Hamilton  Dublin No reviews 
Convex  London 5.0 stars (2 reviews)
Convex Bermuda No reviews