A selection of information resources created by or contributed to by Coal Action Network and/or partner organisations

Slow Death in Siberia

How Europe's coal dependency is devastating Russia's forests and indigenous Shor people.

At the heart of the report are testimonies of the indigenous Shors, a Turkic people, whose survival and beliefs are intimately tied to the nature around them which is being devestated by coal mining. Almost 40% of the coal from the Kusbass region in Siberia is bound for the UK and European Union

A report by Coal Action Network and FERN.

Read the report (also available in Russian)

Ditch Coal

The global mining impacts of the UK's addiction to coal

This report aims to “follow the coal” in order to expose the impacts of the coal burned in UK power stations. CAN concludes that regardless of where coal is sourced from, the negative impacts of its extraction on communities and their environment heavily supports the argument that the UK must choose a swift and total phase out of coal now.

Read the report
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