Without insurance, new fossil fuel projects cannot be built and most existing ones cannot continue to operate. While some insurers have started to rule out underwriting a few coal projects, the sector continues to wreck our climate by supporting ever more coal mines, gas pipelines and oil fields.

These projects are often built on stolen land and poison local communities. The impacts of climate chaos will destroy the lives of billions of people, devastating already exploited communities first. Right now, millions of people are losing their homes, livelihoods and food security to natural disasters. Thousands are losing their lives. The response from insurance companies is to increase their profits by cutting off insurance from the communities on the frontline of climate change.

At Lloyd's of London HQ Pacific Climate Warriors lay floral tributes to those in danger from climate change in their home islands.


Across the world, communities are standing up to the insurance industry to stop fossil fuel projects. We stand in solidarity with them to demand climate justice. The insurance industry must stop underwriting fossil fuel projects, divest their funds from fossil fuel companies, and pay reparations to communities for the loss and damage already being done.


EACOP Week of Action targets Lloyd’s Insurers Talbot & Cincinnati

Activists from the StopEACOP Coalition held an ‘oil spill’ demonstration outside the offices of Lloyd’s of London insurers, Talbot & Cincinnati Global Underwriting, to demand they rule out the controversial East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline.

Tell Probitas: Break up with Adani

Activists delivered thousands of messages from people around the world to all three of Probitas 1492’s UK offices, with the message: “Probitas, break up with Adani.” Find out how you can take action to cut of this toxic project’s insurance.

Activists promise New Year Protests to insurance industry as Canopius rule out EACOP

Four insurers ruled out EACOP in the past two weeks due to pressure from activists and engagement with campaigners, with Canopius the latest to distance itself from the mega-pipeline.

ACTION: Tell Staff at Lloyd’s of London Insurers to Rule Out EACOP

We need all insurance companies to rule out EACOP, and stop the toxic pipeline at its source. Next, we want Canopius Group, and Chaucer insurance to rule it out, and we know that constant pressure works.

PRESS RELEASE: Arch Insurance & AEGIS London respond to pressure & rule out EACOP

Arch Capital Group Ltd and AEGIS London join the 19 (re)insurance companies ruling out the controversial East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project.

How global insurers compare on fossil fuels in 2022

Analysing 30 leading primary insurers and reinsurers, assessing their policies on insuring and investing in coal, oil, gas, the Insure Our Future 6th Annual Scorecard cuts through the greenwash

More major banks and insurers refuse to support EACOP: Lloyds syndicates silent

Four fewer banks and five fewer insurers on side with EACOP, and pressure is mounting on the remaining insurers and on Lloyds of London.

Lloyd’s of London ‘olive branch’ or another greenwashing endeavour?

Lloyd’s of London Chairman, Bruce Carnegie-Brown, has reportedly offered an ‘olive branch to eco-activists.’ Having listened to his comments, we’re not so sure – and we certainly won’t be placated until the insurance industry’s actions start speaking louder than their words.  Read our response to the latest greenwashing from the insurance industry.

Top German (re)insurer Talanx passes on EACOP

Talanx, Germany’s third largest insurer, is the latest (re)insurance company to confirm to the #StopEACOP Coalition that they will not underwrite the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).

Three more insurers rule out East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline

Insurance providers Argo Group and Axis Capital, both Lloyd’s of London members, and RSA Insurance Group Limited, a leading UK insurer, have announced they will not be involved in underwriting the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project.


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