Organisations working against the proposed West Cumbrian coal mine

There are a range of organisations fighting against this disastrous proposal, each with different tactics and strategy, but working together to stop the mine. We encourage you to look at their information and get in touch direct if you'd like to work with them.

South Lakes Action on Climate Change (SLACC) is a community-based charity which brings together people who want to do something about climate change and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. SLACC is currently running a legal challenge against the Government's approval of the proposed mine.

Friends of the Earth is a grassroots environmental campaigning community. From campaigners and lawyers to local action groups and supporters across the country, it pushes for change for people and planet. Friends of the Earth is currently running a legal challenge against the Government's approval of the proposed mine.

Extinction Rebellion North Lakes and Extinction Rebellion South Lakes are active on this issue across Cumbria and bring together people in opposition to the mine at a local and national level.

Campaign Against Climate Change believes in the power of street protests, big and small, in working in coalitions as part of a wider movement and in making the links between climate change and other social justice issues. They have a trade union group and produced the report Climate Jobs: Building a workforce for the climate emergency

Left Unity is active in movements and campaigns across the left, working to create an alternative to the main political parties. The Cumbria and North Lancaster group is involved in protests against the proposal.

BankTrack is the international tracking, campaigning and civil society support organisation targeting private sector commercial banks (‘banks') and the activities they finance. Bank Track has written this brilliant profile on the proposal

Reclaim Finance is a research and campaigning organization that is looking at the funding of the proposal.

Cumbria Action for Sustainability undertakes practical projects with communities and organisations of all kinds to encourage the transition from high to low carbon lives and livelihoods. It has produced research on the potential in Cumbria for jobs which would contribute to decarbonisation as an alternative to the coal mine.

And of course there are local people against the proposal, non-affiliated individuals and local representatives of organisation such as the Green Party, trade unions etc.


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Hearing date set for proposed West Cumbria Coal mine

The legal challenges against the government’s approval of a new coal mine off the coast of Cumbria will be heard in London on the 16th to 18th July.

Support local campaign group resist Bedwas coal mine

Mining company, ERI Ltd, is applying to mine nearly half a million tonnes of coal from two coal tips dumped in Caerphilly, South Wales by the same mining industry last time it operated in the area.

Bedwas coal tips: Key facts and impacts

Mining company, ERI Ltd, is applying to mine nearly half a million tonnes of coal from two coal tips dumped in Caerphilly, South Wales, by the mining industry last time it operated in the area. It’s vital we stop this shameless attempt to exploit the mess left behind by the mining industry to justify yet more mining. If the coal tip mining were to go ahead, it would…

Ffos-y-fran opencast coal mine quietly becomes a massive reservoir

Coal Action Network’s drone footage on Monday 11th March raised the alarm bell about the rising water levels. With this footage, a local resident informed Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council of the rising water levels, only to be told…

Global Week of Action: Putting Insurance Industry in the Hot Seat

The insurance industry found itself in the spotlight last week as a Global Week of Action blossomed across the world. From February 27th to March 3rd 2024, a wave of protests, both online and in the streets, swept through the doors of insurance giants, demanding accountability over their support for polluters and decisive action on climate change.

Protesters walk with banner reading 'Insure Our Futures Not Polluters'

Success: Yet another major insurer rules out coal and oil projects

After a week of peaceful protest around the world, alongside hundreds of groups, our efforts have paid off. Yet another leading insurance company, Probitas, has ruled out insuring the proposed West Cumbria coal mine and the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).

Bedwas coal tip: a new frontier for coal in South Wales?

‘Energy Recovery Investments Ltd’ is proprosing to extract the coal from 3 large coal tips in Bedwas, Caerphilly, South Wales. The company claims that it would use some of the sales of the coal to restore those coal tips later. The coal tips lie above a coal seam, which the company claims it would coincidentally have to dig into to create ‘lagoons’ for processing the coal from the coal tips…

Charges dropped for activists blocking Ffos-y-fran coal mine

The Crown Prosecution Service has dropped all charges against the four Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists who blockaded the entrance to the UK’s largest open-cast coal mine, last summer with a pink boat. While removing the immediate burden of legal confrontation for the defendants, the decision has left a “crater of unfinished business” in the fight for climate justice and accountability for local residents…

Coal clings on in Aberpergwm appeal

Citing different grounds to the High Court, the Court of Appeal has nevertheless found against our appeal. The Court of Appeal judges disagreed with the judge in the High Court, and decided that current statute limits Welsh Ministers to only deciding whether a new conditional licence may be issued…


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