West Cumbria Mine - Calendar Jam Lloyd's

Purpose of the action:

Send loads of calendar invites to insurance company directors and CEOs, to demand they rule out insurance for the West Cumbria coal mine. They will find all of these invites on their mail inbox next time they will open it. Annoying, right? 😉 But if they keep on ignoring our emails then we've got to find new ways to pressure them.

How will it work:

You can use Google Calendar or other calendar apps, such as Outlook calendar or Apple calendar. Our instruction in this how-to are just for Google Calendars, but it's a similar process for most apps.

If you don’t have an account set up with this ability, see the section at the end of this page which explains how to set up a Google account, and then come back here.

Step 1: Open google calendar, at https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/r and sign in if you need to. It should look roughly like this:

Step 2: Select a weekly view for your calendar. You should be able to do it through the drop-down menu on the top-right of your page:

Step 3: Select timings for a meeting. Click on a time over the next week over which you want to set up the meeting. A pop-up window asking you to set up details for the meeting should appear:

Step 4: Add title to the event. This should be the message you want the CEOs to get, such as “Don’t insure the West Cumbria coal mine”. Find below some ideas, if you want to copy and paste them.

Step 5: Add guests to your event. You will need to copy and paste the CEOs emails (find them below) here. This will send an event reminder to their emails. Make sure the emails are separated by a comma (we have added it below). Then click on save.


CEOs emails (just copy and paste them, with the commas):

williamhillman@aegislimited.com, darren.powell@awac.com, james@aianalysts.com, alex.christians@anv.eu.com, jlye@qicglobal.com, david.ibeson@apollounderwriting.com, hsturgess@archinsurance.co.uk, david.monksfield@argentagroup.com, david.snowden@argogroupus.com, ian.beaton@arkunderwriting.com, andrew.brooks@ascotuw.com, jamie.lewis@aspen-re.com, j.tighe@asta-uk.com, Richard.Harries@atrium-uw.com, victoria.rodriguesdacosta@axiscapital.com, david.reeves@barbicaninsurance.com, sally.lake@beazley.com, brian.randall@britinsurance.com, Rachel.Sabbarton@canopius.com, CSIS.enquiries@capita.com, sean.mcgovern@axaxl.com, ed.lines@chaucerplc.com, evan.greenberg@chubb.com, Jalil.Rehman@cnahardy.com, jjames@sompo-intl.com, peter.bilsby@ers.com, tom.shelley@faraday.com, adrian.daws@hamiltongroup.com, Stephen.harris@hampden.co.uk, srivera@tmhcc.com, kate.markham@hiscox.com, alex.priestley@lancashiregroup.com, matthew.moore@libertyglobalgroup.com, csmelt@mapunderwriting.co.uk, paul.jenks@markelintl.com, Chris.Beazley@msamlin.com, jgrainger@munichre.com, timothy.ryan@thehartford.com, richard.oduntan@nephila.com, AHiggins@newlinegroup.com, bofarrell@premiareus.com, david.harries@uk.qbe.com, bmd@renre.com, david.pearson@rsml.co.uk, matthew.bartlett@sameacock.com, robert.harman@siriusgroup.com, James.johnson@starrcompanies.com, Paula.Storey@talbotuw.com, smcmurdo@scor.com, nick.hutton-penman@tokiomarinekiln.com, nrnjak@travelers.com, ablades@wrbunderwriting.com

Step 6: After clicking on save, google will ask you if you want to send invitation emails to Google Calendar guests. Click on “send”. You’re done!

Step 7: Create as many events as you can!

Title Ideas:

Reminder: Don’t insure the West Cumbria mine!

Reminder: Commit to never insure the West Cumbria mine!

Reminder: Stop insuring coal projects!

Announce policy, rule out insuring coking coal

Announce policy, rule out insuring the West Cumbria mine!

Reminder: Insure our future, not coal!


Setting up a google account

If you don’t have a google account, you will need to set one up to use the calendar function. Here is how.

Step 1: Head over to the ‘create your Google Account’ page and fill in your data, then click ‘next’.

Step 2: Fill in recovery details (optional), DOB and gender details in the next page, then click ‘next’.

Step 3: Choose what level of personalisation you want to set, then click on ‘next’. The express option will be faster, but will give you less control over what data google collects of you. You can change these settings later on too.

Step 4: Once you have finished personalising your account, you will be asked to agree to Google’s Privacy and Terms. Click on ‘I agree’.

Step 5: You’re done! Now click on the ‘calendar’ tool on the top right corner and start creating events 🙂

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Caroline P
Caroline P
5 months ago

A new idea, which i haven’t quite got my head around yet… 😵

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