Victory - Brit and Hiscox will never insure Adani coal mine

Major Lloyd’s of London insurers Brit and Hiscox, are the latest firms to rule out insurance for Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine project. Their commitments are major blows to Adani’s disastrous Carmichael coal project.

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“Nothing neutral in new coal” – youth activists pressure government to stop coking coal mine

Today [8thFebruary 2021], youth climate activists added their voice against the planned coking coal mine in West Cumbria. Elijah McKenzie-Jackson (17) submitted a 111,000 signature petition to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

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Lloyd's of London Insure the Adani Mega-mine

People across Australia have been fighting for 10 years to stop one on the most devastating mining projects currently being planned on the globe. Folks in Australia have asked for our help to stop Adani and here's why.

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UCL Economist Prof Paul Ekins O.B.E refutes coal company greenwash

VIDEO: New UK mines would not 'save carbon' - a leading resource economist and policy advisor explains why coal companies are talking “economic nonsense”.

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COAL & the UK

The UK still extracts and imports coal, primarily through opencast mining methods, for steel and cement production as well as for power stations.

There are several new coal mines proposed in the planning system awaiting approval, and these have been delayed and contested by grassroots community campaigns.

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Take action to stop coal mining and coal burning

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Meet the people behind the grassroots campaigns to stop coal mining and for a transition to a clean, just energy system.

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Latest news and commentary on coal

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